I need to start keeping count.

That's at least 6 sunderers full of people I've blown up by throwing them off of cliffs.
(Which is not bad, given I drive Sundies a lot, and am usually pretty good, if a bit reckless. It's about a 5-10% survival rate after I decide "the waypoint's this way, so let's just drive straight towards it, to hell with the cliff, these bus things are so damned bouncy anyway")

More than a dozen more I've not blown up, but have got irrevocably stuck in various parts of the world geometry / bases. Some of these, after people have backed away from them rocking strangely in and out of walls and rocks, have later blown up of their own accord.

All I need are more people to put lightnings at the bottom of the cliffs to break my fall. You were being to quick they're JG. Take some notes from Rotekian.