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    Merry Bloody Advent Booty Extravaganza - post your polished footwear

    Some of you may be familiar with the myth of St. Nuffl'clause. Some of you may not. The story of St. Nuffl'clause is an old one that is seldomly spoken of, and even when it is told, whoever tells it does so with a careful and dampened voice. It goes like this...

    Oh hell no, I am not going to be that stupid and put my life (and my soul) on the line by openly posting the full story on a public forum. I'll only say this much. Some witty coaches - young and old - are known to clean their boots from the dirt and gore that everyday's work at the sideline of the pitch ent(r)ails and polish them to the n-ths degree, they put them at their doorsteps when the night of the 6th of Merry Bloody Advent draws near and then they go to bed.

    It is said that many a coach who put effort in cleaning his boots has found a little something stuck in his footwear the next morning (some people report that newly bought/borrowed/stolen and good looking boots might also work).

    So. Who dares to challenge fate and post a picture (videos might also work) of hers/his/not-really-own-but-nearly-as-good-as boots here in this thread? Let's see if St. Nuffl'clause is a myth after all or if there is some truth in those stories about boots... and presents.

    Small remark: Of course the boots don't have to be your own (or even real boots/shoes), but they sure should be shiny. Also, you can leave your pictures here right now until midnight from the 5th to the 6th of December.
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