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    Quote Originally Posted by RIDEBIRD View Post
    We seem to have a lot of sarons in the platoon. We could use a few more peeps with lightning HE (anti-infantry), and a couple of more skyguards. If so we could gather a real nasty armor platoon.

    So, if you don't have a saron, consider getting HE or AA when the cash sale hits on the 21st.
    Oh Im considering getting the 46k station cash you can get for 99$, so Ill definitely buy some guns.

    Either way: someone said on wednesday that the skyguard is great against liberators now, any input on that?
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    It seemed to tear me and Qazz up yesterday. It really deters you from trying to attack with a lib at least, and it did a lot of damage. Apparently it's hard to hit with though.

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    From a scythe pilot's point of view, it's now "oh shit, skyguard" when it wasn't before.

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    I got a Skyguard Lightning, so if needed will roll that one out. Will go full anti-tank and some anti-infantry on Magrider. Have gotten a medal or two with the armor-piercing plasma main gun. Will get the "Sauron's Eye" too.
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    So maybe finally woth getting after the tripple cash event. Good to hear

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