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    Telepath Tactics [ FREE DEMO now available! ]

    Hey there, turn-based tactics fans! Remember the time that Adam Smith wrote about the Fire Emblem-style strategy RPG with bridge building, throwing characters into lava, mod support, and 2-to-6 player multiplayer? You know, this one:

    Well, it's now up on Kickstarter! Specifically, I'm trying to raise money to finish up the game's art, get it some good music and sound effects, and give it a polished release on PC, Mac and Linux; I am not taking any of the money to pay myself. (I have a break-down of exactly where I'll be spending the Kickstarter funds on the campaign page if you're curious.)

    We're currently at $4,200 on day 3 of the campaign, which puts us at 16% of the fundraising goal. Pretty decent, all in all, but we still have a ways to go. If you want to help out, please head on over and spread the word; I'm grateful for every bit of help folks can offer!

    Any questions? Post 'em here and I'll do my best to answer them!
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