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    Quote Originally Posted by soldant View Post
    Well to be fair there are plenty of intelligent things on the interwebernets.
    There are also a lot of people who sniff superciliously at others' habits for the sole purpose of making themselves feel smarter. "I am better than you because I don't watch TV. Why, I don't even own a TV" is actually #28 on the list of annoying hipster phrases.

    The idea that all television is nothing more than the idiot tube is a ridiculously cavalier generalization, especially when one turns around and makes the declaration that the internet - which at its base is a communication device between equally ignorant laymen; there are plenty of books written about the need for editorial oversight on aggregate wisdom - is inherently better.

    Saying TV's nothing but Hunny Boo Boo and Sean Hannity is like saying the internet's nothing but Lemon Party and lolcats.

    Even this forum, which I consider to be one of the more erudite (or at least well-written) gaming communities, is a cesspool of collective idiocy and ignorance that insists on spreading such on a wide variety of topics they clearly have no experience in. Hence my original statement: Let's not be so quick at patting ourselves on our backs.
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