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    Mario Kart on Mallory - Sat 01/12 (today!) 7.30pm

    Hello all - it's time to put the pedal to the metal, burn rubber and lots of other parts of your vehicles.

    Racing is on the agenda for this eve. We've trialled it on NC in the wee hours and had a blast with around a full squad, so imagine 40-50 people racing together: the screams of anguish, the screams of victory, the ...the screams!

    TR on the Mallory server to ensure we're all on a level playing field with no cheap flash/lightning/sunderer certs installed, my dear sportsmen and sportswomen. 7.30pm tonight. Be there on Mumble.

    I've mapped out some of the routes from the TR warpgate, but depending on which faction holds what on the night, it may change.

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