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    Carmageddon (iOS)

    Since it was only 89 cents I picked up the iPad version of Carmageddon, expecting little more than a trip down memory lane. Instead I found myself having a hard time putting it down and have now finished all but a handful of the races over the course of the last few days. It really is more playable and fun than an iOS version of a 15 year old PC game has any right to be. The replay function now lets you save your videos, so I made this compilation of stunts, crashes and assorted awesomeness:

    First off, the controls. Anything more complex than puzzle games tend to be an akward affair on the iPad, but the controls in this one are just about perfect. You know a game has good controls when you don't even have to think them, and Carmageddon on iPad certainly pulls that off.

    As for the graphics, it looks as good, if not better than the original. Though on my first generation iPad it did suffer from slowdowns whenever there were a lot of particles on screen at once(tiresmoke, sparks). It also crashed a handful of times, and the sound cut out twice.

    Gameplay and featurewise it's quite faithful to the original. The only notable omissions are the clutch-key (Z), and lack of cockpit view(only bumpercam). On the plus side are the afforementioned new replay-functions, and also it feels like powersliding has been made much easier and fun in this version.

    Bottomline: If you're looking for something to tide you over till Reincarnation comes out next year, this is a great port, and defenitely worth picking up! :D

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    Well if you got out of bed on release day, you could have got it for free. Like me! :D

    Ed: Nice review btw.

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    I have such great memories of this game. I'll be picking it up for free once it is released for Android. Of course I pledged to the Kickstarter as well.
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