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    And the award goes to...

    Saying thank you...

    The inestimable Mr Walker complained around this earlier in the year, and... well... he has a point. RPS is lovely enough to share so many sumptuous word ramblings and news morsels that it only seems fair to occasionally give thanks.

    I pay my subscription ( I think! although paypal was being weird that day...I really must check ) but the reading materials - useful, amusing or otherwise - that I consume from RPS each year is worth vastly more than that. Indeed I suspect its my 2nd highest 'most time spent' site after the Beeb.

    We can't have a glitzy awards ceremony, coz y'know...effort. But we can nominate our Bestest of the Best, super fastastic RPS writer of the year 2012 (not quite yet done) award or something... award

    So, the nominations, in alphabetical order, are

    Adam Smith for:
    Introducing me, and I suspect many others, to the brilliance of Crusader Kings 2 along with his wonderful tales

    Also for being the first RPS writer to not hate Foot-to-ball and introducing me to a few other great games

    Also this

    Finally, he gets an honourable mention in the entirely unsubstantiated 'some of the best puns' award

    Alec Meer for:
    His tales of horrific slaughter in games like FTL and X-Com. Here are extra words as I have run out of ones to link from

    Making an effort, even if he did fail miserably.

    Explaining things to stupid people and really driving home a point/joke

    Speculation and analysis and mentioning Sleeping Dogs which I'd have probably missed otherwise

    Jim Rossignol for:
    Pandering to my shameless request for promoting the GW2 RPS collective and consistently writing about and analysing the interesting aspects of game design and exhorting the value of things that appeal to me. Even when writing about ones I had no interest in playing

    Not to mention making the largest attempts to participate with the RPS forum community through the likes of PS2 and Perpetuum rather than being a big-ole-grump-o-puss.

    As well as compiling some light reading

    Oh and he just so happened to spare some time to make a game that sounds like it could be pretty awesome.

    John Walker for:
    Spending huge amounts of time trawling through Kickstarter and summarising what's there
    For being a big-old-grump-o-puss, usually with good cause including lots of things that matter.
    For laying down the law - even if the bastards won't listen

    Taking time to look at the wider context of games along with generally doing the most journalist-y journalism

    Also this and horace

    Nathan Grayson for:
    The highest pun rate, and tirelessly posting the news which is useful for those of us that don't read a thousand other sites.

    Generally coming across as slightly unhinged

    Making Peter Molyneux cry (you big meanie) and doing most of the interviews as far as I can tell

    Also fighting the fight and analysis

    And the winner is...

    *drum roll*

    Adam Smith for introducing me to the entirely unexpected and fantastic Crusader Kings 2, for which my gaming experiences this year have been immeasurably improved.


    At this joyous time it also seems fitting to shame one member of the RPS collective. And that is...

    The RPS Search-O-Tron 3000 for making this post such a pain in the arse to compile that I became pretty lazy at linking things.


    Just a few more awards to give away folks...

    The winner of the entirely unsubstantiated (because I'm not that mad) regular punster award is...

    Alec Meer


    Our penultimate award is for the member of the RPS writing staff most in love with Ragnar Tornquist. And the winner is...

    John Walker


    And finally, the annual award for most shortlived regular feature

    The Shotcast for the 9000th time in a row!


    PS yes I know this list is skewed to things in the later part of the year. That's because my memory is rubbish. Deal with it.
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