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    I don't think that's really fair. There's a bunch of really good freeware titles - Warning Forever, Cho Ren Sha 68k, Hydorah, Kenta Cho's repertoire... The real issue is that they're ancient while the 360 is getting arcade perfect CAVE ports on a regular basis.
    I played Hydorah about 2/3 of the way through and then kept dying at regular intervals because I was too bored to pay attention. It had decent polish, just no game behind it - yet another game getting a pass from reviewers for being "indie", and also because so many people have never seen a good shooter.

    Cho's Tumiki Fighters is the one PC native shooter I mentioned being head and shoulders above the rest on the platform. His other stuff is pretty much experimental minigames that are fun to check out once and need not be visited again.

    Warning Forever didn't really grab me but it's decent quality and worth a try. Every Extend is pretty good. Cavanagh's Self Destruct is an odd duck since it's pretty good while not being made by a Japanese, and I think it was made in a game jam to boot. If memory serves, I made top 20 or so on the world scoreboard.

    But even though some of those games are pretty nice, and commendable work from a bunch of guys working alone, if you take Tumiki out of the equation I'd trade all PC native shooters in existence for a single mediocre Cave shooter.
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