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    I wouldn't be a PC gamer today without Quest for Glory and King's Quest, and I'm fairly certain my entire sense of humor was fashioned from Monkey Island and Simon the Sorcerer. To this day I still have to play a Thief in every game that offers the choice, thanks to QFG.
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    So many to choose from! It's hard, but I've boiled it down to three

    Earthsiege 2
    My dad has never been too computer savvy, but when I was a kid he used to take me to computer fairs in local halls where you could get hardware and games for pretty cheap, it was a kind of one-day market. He picked Earthsiege2 up for himself at one of them and I got my hands on it at home after a week or so. My overriding memory of this game is of me and my brother playing at the same time crammed together over the one keyboard, with me being the pilot and my brother being the gunner. Literally his responsibilities boiled down to pressing space bar when I told him to.

    3D Movie Maker

    Ok, it could be argued that this isn't technically a game, but it serves the same purpose as a game to me. If I remember correctly 3D movie maker used to come as a demo with Windows 95, and the demo always blew me and my brother away. At one of the aforementioned computer fairs I spotted it for 1. 1! I spent countless hours with 3D movie maker; me, my brother, and my cousin all had designated characters, plotlines that spanned multiple movies, and all kinds of craziness. As I've gotten older I've realised one of the things I enjoy most in games is creating things rather than destroying them, and I think the shoots of that appear with this game. Oh, and although you can record audio for your movies, we didn't have a microphone until we started feeling a little bit too old for the game, so 90% of the films we made were silent, the plots pretty much in our heads.

    Transport Tycoon
    At maybe 11 years of age, I joined a game mailing company. There was no financial obligation, they just sent you a catalogue every month. They had a deal where if you bought any game you got 2 cds full of classic games for free with it. Starcraft had come out around that time, and having played a demo of it on a pc gamer disk I was enthralled, trying to convince my mum to buy it for me by pointing out just how many extra games I'd get for just that one. She wasn't convinced, and I stormed off to school. Coming home I figured if Starcraft was too expensive I'd just get something cheaper, so I looked for the single cheapest game in the catalogue, and found transport tycoon at 5. The game arrived and only ran in DOS, so at first I couldn't figure out how to play it, but after a while I had it running and fell in love with the game. I wasn't really any good at it, mind, but I loved watching the trains that I'd made drive around, it was so good! Knowing about Chris Sawyer then led me to rollercoaster tycoon, and I've been a fan of these games ever since - I couldn't get comfortable with OTT but I still play locomotion from time to time and get the same kick out of seeing everything run.

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    Mechwarrior 3 is another one for me.

    I first played it while staying with my sister and her husband in some of their friends' house, I think it must have been in 1999. There were two, for the time pretty powerful, PCs there and I played MW3 as much as I could in the days we stayed there (when they went to bed, I sat up all night and played); it felt very special, mechs, for one thing, customizable, even, but also the maps with the feel of some dead civilization.
    I wanted more of that.

    At the time I had a 486 with 28mb. RAM and SuSE Linux (when my Amiga 1200 got too flaky to use, a guy from Texas I met on Usenet was kind enough to send me that PC), so playing MW3 was a long way off and it took several years before I got the hardware to play it on (not to mention Windows), but I'm sure it would have taken me much longer to enter the Windows gaming world without MW3. It was probably also the first real 3D game I played (I think. I'm not sure if Alien Breed 3D on the Amiga was 2.5D like Doom and Gloom or if it was 3D).
    Sadly, it's apparently rather difficult to get MW3 running on modern systems. I never liked MW4 much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thekev506 View Post
    So many to choose from! It's hard, but I've boiled it down to three
    Thankyou for reminding me of 3D movie maker! That was such a great tool to muck around with, didn't think anyone else had played it. I remember one of the preset movies seemed to be hilarious, not sure if that was just me being so young though...

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    3D Movie Maker! Aaah fond memories of making god awful "movies" that were essentially rip offs of everything I'd seen on VHS (Good god!), but made "awesome" (I use this term loosely in regards to my 13-14 year old self at the time) with extra swearing and violence...

    I really started my gaming career on ye olde Lucasarts and Sierra adventure titles such as Maniac Mansion, Loom and of course Monkey Island (My uncle bought 2 the day it came out because we'd both play it together)

    On top of those staples of juvenile gaming diet, I played Theme Park, Lemmings, Blasteroids (Anyone remember this?), UFO: Enemy Unknown and the shareware Doom (Which got me in a LOT of trouble for even installing it back in the day)
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    Age of Empires II: Age of Kings (and the Conquerors expansion)

    Brilliant, brilliant game, and a really robust scenario generator. I must have played it for thousands of hours.

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    I think the most memorable game to me is HEAVY GEAR, the first 3D game I played on my computer.

    Back then I didn't even know how to install the game so my mom installed it for me (and that was the last time she doing it after I got addicted to PC games, LOL). It was 1997 and I can tell the game sucked most of my childhood time with its awesome 3D graphics and most importantly, freaking ROBOTS WITH BIG GUNS!

    Also worth mentioning: DOOM, Pokemon Blue, Wolfenstein 3D and Time Commander.

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    There have been many memorable games throughout my life, but the one that had the biggest influence would be EVE. I fell in love with it in beta and played solidly for the first year of its release. Until Eve, I mostly played MMOs solo or as a bit player in a guild, but in Eve somehow I managed to start my own corp and make some amazing friends. I think this then gave me more confidence in the real world, resulting in me meeting the girl who later became my wife.

    And now that we have a kid, I can never see myself playing Eve ever again because by the time I'd un-docked from a station it'd be time to log out and do something more important instead...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackice View Post
    And now that we have a kid, I can never see myself playing Eve ever again because by the time I'd un-docked from a station it'd be time to log out and do something more important instead...
    I wish real life would just learn its place​ :o(

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    The sheer amount of games to chose from makes me unable to chose one single game that made me, although I'll try to find some while typing away anyway.

    Gaming started to get my interest when my dad was creating some programs in Q-basic, and found out that there were games out there, made by that language. I especially remember Gorillas (a coordinate based "artillery" game with gorillas throwing explosive bananas at each other in various wind conditions) and Nibbles (a snake clone). But the real start was Prince of Persia for me. I specifically remember playing it at the high school where my dad worked, on a whopping 20"+ screen (although it was black and white). My imagination for the possibilities for games in the future took off that day. Further memorable games from that era were ZZT (the first game I could create my own levels in!!), Ports of Call (they could this with games too?), Sopwith (death by mountain a lot) and Wings of Fury (never could land on a ship...)

    To be continued with more modern stuff, and the "made me" bit :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnki View Post
    Star Fox 64 and Jet Force Gemini. And later StarCraft. I came to love strategy games pretty early, but I still have a soft spot for good, arcade-inspired shooters.

    Star Fox was the pinnacle of a good difficulty level for me at the time. I only finally beat the brain version of Andross last year after trying a few times a year for 13 or 14 years, obviously often failing to stay on the track necessary to get to that version quite regularly. :P

    I still hate trying to get "Accomplished" on the train level to this day. Ugh. All of those switches haha.

    But yeah, the N64 was what really got me into gaming. And if you can't tell, I'm not all that great at the shmup genre, haha.
    Man, the medals in that game, some of them were infuriating. I remember Sector Y I think it was called, one of the last ones on the hard path where you protect the great fox, getting the medal for that was just insane pressure, with your god damn kill stealing teammates. Never managed it until I emulated it years later and could actually save before the level instead of starting all over again.

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