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    Emotional connections in video games

    I just connected emotionally to a character in a game and thought I should share my experience. And also ask - what are some of your most poignant and memorable emotional connections in video games?

    My experience happened in Assassin's Creed 3. I had been slaughtering hordes of Templars and bears and whatnots, mowing them down by the dozen. After a while it wears down your soul, you know?

    So I ran into Boston and happened upon an African-American gentleman and his wife being mercilessly beaten by a group of thugs. Not cool, you possibly-racist thugs! I murdered those thugs and saved the couple in the nick of time.

    So then I convinced them to come live in my little town that I was starting up. C'mon guys, it'll be great! And they eagerly came to my town. All the while complaining about their inability to have a child. It was sad, but they complained an awful lot.

    So then I ran across the gentleman a few months later and his wife was missing. I begrudgingly traced her down in the woods and she was about to get mauled by a bear! I was like "BEAR WE WILL HAVE NONE OF THAT IN MY TOWN" so I knifed it in the face and neck and saved her life, again just in the nick of time. And then I had to carry her back to her house - wait why couldn't her husband do that???

    So then another few months later I learned that lo and behold, after years of trying she has become pregnant! But due to her preggerous condition she was now unable to herd pigs into their pen, and her hubbie is gone, so can I please attend to these pig duties? I agreed and began to chase these stupid pigs all over the barnyard.

    About 10 minutes into the futile pig-chase I asked myself, "Self, what are you doing with your life? Proto-America's finest assassin, herding pigs for a pregnant woman?"

    At that very moment, Connor exclaimed "THE THINGS I DO FOR THIS TOWN!" I was like, "I know that feel bro!" And it was then that I connected with Assassin's Creed 3 in a very real and emotional way.
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