Following on from my SSD/HDD woes thread(s) - the owner of that PC was going to upgrade from his AMD250 to a 965 Black Series - but as we've deduced his (nForce based) motherboard will cripple his SSD performance (or stutter like a mofo) the idea of getting a whole new CPU/Mobo is on the table.

The upgrade cost on the 965 was low - 75ish all done - but it would be like putting a 420ci into a Punto (with a broken exhaust) :)

A mobo upgrade will mean new memory (8Gb of DDR2 in this board) and we only have 150 max - so taking off 30 for the memory leave 120 for a cpu and mobo - just about doable??

I could certainly get an AM3 board for the 965 but there may be better options?

The alternatives is he's just going to live with his PC as-is - no point spending 75 on a CPU for a board which cripples everything else...