Yes, SirHoc, we had a disussion about this just an hour ago or so, in fact. Those of us who were on at that moment; me, MrEclectic, Laldy, Cortosis and a couple of newer guys, who I sadly can't remember the names of. :/

MrEclectic was particularly vocal (and I agree) about training for some very siomple small-scale tactics, such as how to approach a cap-point or a generator, how to defend it, how to cover each other, how to take and hold a ridge out in the open, how to organise an armour column with flanking forces etc. There are a few simple things that could probably help a lot without requiring much preparation of training. An idea that came up was to hold practice sessions for those who are really interested in this kind of thing; probably a bunch of us regular SLs/PLs, where we get some basics into place, and then we can spread these "skills/habits" around to others as regular orders, when we are leading squads. Some have started a bit of this, such as encouraging people to perform flanking maneuvers and such, but actually ordering people to do more specific things (cover that door/window, watch that corner, move in while I cover you) could probably increase our effectiveness even more.

To recap: we've got some pretty skillful players in the outfit, but we lack the teamwork skills to be very effective against organised resistance. We should get a few regulars together and practice, and spread what we learn around.

As MrEclectic so eloquently put it:
We are a substantial amount of the Vanu population on Miller at any one time. It would be irresponsible of us not to try to improve our performance.