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Question to the outfit:
I've been thinking about an regular-ish, informal "outfit meetings" over Mumble. Once a month / every two weeks we gather in Mumble and just have a chat about the outfit / Miller goings on. Absolutely anyone welcome. Is this something that is worthwhile? I'd put together a series of discussion points and then post some minutes to this forum thread.

If so: Next Saturday, 7pm GMT? What should be on the agenda?
Sounds like a very good idea! The debriefing we did after my stratgir as PL felt nice. It was good to get a few minutes to sit down and talk things through a bit without being constantly distracted by having to play the game at the same time.

Incidentally, this is something I would like to see again, maybe at somebody else's initiative this time...

Suggestion for topics:
- The future of public platoons (how to do it properly, how to utilize them etc)