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    [VS] StratGir Wednesdays - [RPS] Outfit Ops

    Welcome new (and returning) players!

    I set up the Rock, Planet, Shotgun outfit as a place for readers of RPS to try out Planetside 2. Therefore new players are always welcome. The focus has always been on providing a fun & firendly place to shoot lasers above all else.

    Wednesday nights we get a bit more 'strategic'

    What to expect:

    * Friendly atmosphere
    * 12 person VOIP channels (which makes asking questions as a new player easier)
    * Squad leaders who will direct you through the fights
    * High-level coordination between our platoons and allied outfits.

    What not to expect:
    * Very strict discipline
    * Anything vaguley militaristic

    * A desire to shoot lasers (or revive allies, repair vehicles).
    * Skill in hitting targets not necessary.
    * Be excellent to one another.
    * Mumble We don't need you to have or use a microphone. But it will be necessary for you to join our Mumble server & listen-in. Any problems please send an in-game whisper to me. (Type: "/t Cooper" and then your message into the chatbox.)

    We tend to have a friendly, mildly chaotic format on most nights. Thursday nights are intended to be just as friendly, but somewhat less chaotic. Feel free to chat as you run about shooting lasers.

    For those joining us for the first time, your first move should be to join our Mumble server. Details are in the post linked in the RPS article, and are linked below. Once in that channel you will be talked through the process of getting in game, joining platoons, and you will be setup with a squad leader.

    Original message:

    Strategic Giraffes:

    On Wednesday nights, Rock, Planet, Shotgun [RPS] gets Strategic!

    Starts @ 7:30pm (GMT); try to be there a bit earlier to organise squds etc.

    How to join:
    Firstly: It's probably best that you've either rolled out with us before, or have been playing PS2 for a while now. For a more casual affiar, join us any other night, and particularly Purple Wednesdays

    1) Setup Mumble
    as per this thread
    Pay attention to what squad you have been put in and move yourself to that channel.
    Those planning to be PL or SL should follow the instructions for that.

    2) Join the 'Strategic Giraffe' Platoon
    You will then be allocated a squad. Make sure you are in the right Mumble channel

    3) Follow orders

    What to expect:
    On Thursdays we aim for more coordination and generally more efficiency. There will be a command structure, there will be more specific orders, and you will be expected to be engaged with this.

    What this does not mean is that this is a night for 'elite' playeers. Decent coordination is not the preserve of those with the better twitch skills. In fact, those of us in command roles are unlikely to be the highest scorers / K/D ration holders etc. Coordination is a different skill set than shooting lasers.

    Basic ground rules:
    • Be in Mumble

    A Mic is not required, but listening-in is. Those not in Mumble will be kicked from the platoon

    • Follow orders & be quick about it

    No going off and doing your own thing. And if an order is giving to get somewhere; go there. If the order is to reform at Warpgate, then type "/suicide" immediately.

    • This is not a democracy

    On most nights decisions are discussed first. Not on Thursdays. Only question orders if you think the SL has missed something incredibly important. (Which is not anything that can be seen on the map such as "base at waypoint is already being capped": If it's on the map, assume the SL knows)

    • Stick together

    This means: Not re-spawning straight away: Assume a medic is nearby and wait a little bit. It also means waiting at the sunderer / spawn room for fellow squad mates and moving out together.

    • Communication is only for relevant info

    During 'downtime' when not in the middle of a fight, chat and joke all you want. However mid-fight comms should only be used for the usual battle info: Enemy locations, status updates, coordination etc.

    Original message (out of date)

    Personally I love the atmosphere we have in the Barney channel now of dozens of people having a friendly chat whilst occasionally shooting lasers, sometimes at the same thing.

    But I hear and understand the desire for something "a bit more organised".

    Solution: A trial run on Thursday of a "strategic giraffes" night.

    If you want to be involved in some more organised laser shoots, join us in the "strategic giraffes company" subchannel of the "Planetside 2 -> Barneys" channel in Mumble (see main thread) at 7pm on Thursday (6th December) in preparation for rollout at 7:30pm (GMT times)

    Don't let this description put you off. We're not looking for people to act in an incredibly regimented way. Rather, instead of the usual "the whole platoon spawns at the same sundy and generally runs in the same direction" style, we'll be doing things like keeping squads together and following dedicated pointmen, splitting into fireteams, moving through a base in unison, keeping each other alive, having squads focused on much more specific targets than just "get to the three points", fulfilling more specific roles etc. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please do join us.

    I'll roll as platoon leader for this night, but I fully expect people to step into this role on future nights. And set something like this up on an ad-hoc basis when the channel is getting too busy / chatty for them.

    Currrent planned setup:
    - Platoon leader (PL) (Cooper) in an otherwise empty Alpha Squad. (Note: No democratic decision making this night.)

    My reasoning is that all leadership certs are only available to SLs. Not being SL (especially being out of the command channel, also somewhat with map icons) hurts the PL role. Yet I don't want to also, actually, be an SL whilst I am PL. If I've learnt anything the past few weeks, it's that actively trying to lead a platoon means that actually trying to 'play the game' (read: shoot lasers) often needs to take a backseat. There's nothing worse than being asked for orders and being unable to because you are running for your life (I tend to do that a lot. Take that as an indication of how good a leader I am if you wish...). I fully expect to be spending 90% of my time on Thursday just with the map & command chat open.

    - Three Squad Leaders (SL) in Bravo, Charlie and Delta channels
    Please pipe up here if you want to volunter for the SL role. Only gumption and at least one bar in the "Spawn Beacon" certification (Squad leadership tree) needed.
    SLs should create a whipser to the #command token. I'll take people through that process on the night.

    - Three Fireteam leaders (and 2nd in command)
    Either pipe up here or volunteer on the night. Should also be listening-in to the #command token whisper, if not regularly speaking up in there.

    - 5 Fireteam members per fireteam (10 per squad)

    - A second platoon if space needed and / or for more specialised, dedicated role players
    If you would like to put together a specialised squad (I think mostly pilots would fit here), let's try and get that organised here first.

    Planned channel setup:
    Planetside 2
    _| Barneys
        _| Strategic Giraffes Company
            _|Platoon 1    
                _| Alpha
                    Cooper (PL)
                _| Bravo
                    Bravo Squad Leader / Fireteam 1 Leader
                    Bravo Fireteam 1 Member 1
                    Bravo Fireteam 1 Member 2
                    Bravo Fireteam 1 Member 3
                    Bravo Fireteam 1 Member 4
                    Bravo Fireteam 1 Member 5
                    Bravo Fireteam 2 Leader
                    Bravo Fireteam 2 Member 1
                    Bravo Fireteam 2 Member 2
                    Bravo Fireteam 2 Member 3
                    Bravo Fireteam 2 Member 4
                    Bravo Fireteam 2 Member 5
                _| Charlie
                    As Bravo channel
                _| Delta
                    As Bravo channel
            _|Platoon 2 (If needed, possibly for dedicated role players (e.g: pilots))
                _| Alpha
                _| Bravo
                _| Charlie
                _| Delta

    Those of you who've played on ARPS's tactical tuesdays (I really keep meaning to go back to those: Anyone looking for firendly & organised play will always find it there) will notice this is a bit different. My main reasoning being that, well, they're different games. Planetside 2 moves faster, and you die faster.

    Smaller fireteams don't make much sense in a situation where half or more are likely dead within 2 minutes. If half dead = no medics, then fireteams will be spending most of their time split-up, waiting for those respawning to join them, or, conversely, running to catch up with the rest of the FT. Given the scale of the game, I'm not sure it it makes much sense to split a 12-person squad channel up; direct communication with a smaller group of poeple is gonna limit your knowledge off what's going on in the field too much.

    That being said, if things are getting too busy with 2x6-person fireteam communications per channel, we can review this. This is largely intended as a trial night to see what works.
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