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    I was not in today's Strategic giraffe run due to work, but glad to read communications wise it seems to work nice.

    A thought though; If the plan is to have dedicated fire squads, like AA, AT, dedicated medics, light assault rapid strike teams etc. maybe ask in a thread what people are aiming for when spending certs & SC? We have the "what have you certed for" thread, but it might be nice for PL & SLs knowing what the prefered roles for some members are.

    Me personally, I'm aiming for Heavy Assault & MAX to be my main loadouts with focus on AA, AT & AI, with Medic & Engineer certed a bit into and weapons bought for situations that need them. Will also get some sidegrades for the Magrider and Scythe, so I can use them when needed (along with Skyguard Lightning). With this info, you would know you could put SceptrumVS on AA or AT duty as I got the sidegrades for it and cert points.

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