I thought that a thread in which people can write short reviews about their experience with random hardware might be useful since you never know when someone else might be looking for something you have and most review sites don't really give good end-user feedback. I figure I'll start with this.

A brief review of my NVidia 620M Ultrabook gaming experience.

About a month ago I purchased a Samsung Series 5 Np530a4c 14" Ultrabook as my home laptop. While I wouldn't recommend buying a Samsung Series 5 for reasons I'll get into later, I have had the opportunity to put it through its paces and I do feel I can recommend a system housing this particular GPU.

I don't use this as my main gaming system but it is nice to have a laptop to tinker with on the couch while the missus watches her programs on TV or reads her Kindle.

So far I have played a few hours of Stalker : Shadow of Chernobyl, Crysis and XCOM. All at native 1366*768:

Stalker : Shadow of Chernobyl
This is probably the most demanding title. I've been playing in DirectX 11 mode, no AA and with all settings set between medium and high and using rs_stats on I have measured the frame rate as being between 22fps & 35fps. It is pretty easy to get the frame rates to 40+ but I'm happy with it as it is.

Crysis is always a good benchmark so I'm happy to say that with all settings on high with no AA I'm getting about 30fps. I'm very happy with it.


I play with everything on high and performance is great.

In summary, it is a nice little GPU that can hold its own and provide for an enjoyable gaming experience if you are willing to dial back on the graphics settings. The laptops using it are definitely not dedicated gaming machines but if you are on the road it can handle some more demanding games well enough.

On the topic of the laptop itself, I'm not so happy for the following reasons.

1. I had to send the first one back to be replaced after it arrived with a dodgy hard drive.
2. It doesn't pick up my Western Digital Elements drive as USB 3.0 unless I restart the machine with the drive plugged in.
3. The edges are sharp and make typing uncomfortable.
4. There is no way to disable Bluetooth and the wireless network independently without doing it via the management software, or disabling services manually.
5. The wireless chip doesn't pick up my home router's signal as well as any other device in my house.
6. The screen has a terrible viewing angle (But it is matte black so it doesn't turn into a mirror.)
7. The trackpad often has a mind of its own.