No, we don't want to use Teamspeak 3.
No, we don't want to add a monoculture site with no prospects for growth to our browsing habits.
No, we don't think ferstaberinde is more relevant than Rock Paper Shotgun (or for that matter, which is used for the non-ip addresses).
No, we don't want to add skype as a requirement out of nowhere.
No, we don't think the Folk brand, which has no presence outside of the Folk site, is stronger.
No, we don't want to be told exactly what to do by a small band who don't take any outside interests into account.
No, we don't want to cut ourselves off from being part of a larger multi-game community.
No, we don't think Tigershark's heavy breathing is funny.
No, we don't think the Social Agrarian Utopia thing makes any fucking sense whatsoever, and it's not funny trying to politicise a group like that?

No, we don't think cutting spending will help the deficit!

And so on?

You're really just going to roll over and let them do what they want?

Is it because they "host" the sessions? Take leadership roles? Donate more to server upkeep? Make missions?(Probably, yes)