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    Perhaps viewing the sessions in this fashion rather than having one of the sessions (in this case FOLK) forging the group identity.
    I need to point out something here. Folk has been much more to ARPS than just a session we go play in on Sundays. When the hosts team was formed a year back to keep TTs alive and organized, we adopted the session style of Folk Sundays. We also received a huge amount of advice and encouragement from Fer. We play missions made in the Folk style, using the Folk platoon structure, although the current platoon structure iteration had input from both Folk and ARPS hosts because already back then, we were working together on sessions and the sudden DayZ player influx was a shared issue. As hosts we've encouraged people to make missions in the Folk style, because making missions takes a lot of work and it is good that we can use the same content in both sessions.

    There is a reason there is both Folk and ARPS in the new name. Both owe a lot to one another.
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