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    My name is Jason. You may know me as Tigershark. I have a full time job that consumes a lot of my time in order to support my wife and my new born baby. I leave home at 7am and come home around 7.30pm. I also travel quite a bit for my job which takes me away from home in regular stints of between 3-5 days. In the little spare time I have I am also trying to get my own iOS development studio up and running whilst trying to juggle work commitments and spend what precious time I have left with my family.

    Why is this of any interest to you? is perhaps of no interest at all. However, the more astute of you will have drawn a link between the fact that despite the limited time I have in just getting ahead in life, I, like all of the other hosts who make Sundays and Tuesdays happen, still find the time in each or our respective busy lives to run Arma sessions for people (ie. You) so they can enjoy a game that we also love to play. If this wasn't time consuming enough, many of the hosts also find additional time to write missions (for the sessions you enjoy) and in my own situation, find time to think about workshops, potential training and set up workshops for interested people to enjoy.

    Perhaps this is not immediately obvious to many of you but this takes up quite a lot of time. Yet it is something we feel appropriately passionate about that we continue to do it and very much want to succeed and prosper. Building, nurturing and growing a community seems like an easy thing until you try it yourself.

    If you are still reading (and I hope you are) contrast this commitment with your own contributions to our community. Other than turning up to play (in an organised session that is moderated for the enjoyment of all) and whining in this thread....what have you contributed to either Folk or ARPS Arma community?

    Please....take a moment and consider how de-motivating a lot of the crap in this thread must be for the people who, you know.....actually do shit to make your Sunday's and Tuesday's enjoyable. You may claim, "Look...anyone can do what you do!" And you are right. The point is....they don' they? Do you step up? If you don't step up and are happy to simply turn up and play, do think that gives you some kind of right to complain about all the things that are not to your liking despite the fact you have contributed zero?

    So please…let's all keep some perspective in this thread. There may be some things in here we are not happy with, and like in life, some compromises were made and tough decisions were taken, but these are decisions that were taken by the hosts (not lightly I might add) for the good of the community and yes, somewhat selfishly, for the good of the hosts so that we might be able to use some of our time for the other important things in life like….work, study and……family.
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