I tried EVE recently. Was very fond of the smaller ships - Cruiser and below - and had worked my way into t2 Frigates before I just...burned out. Took only two months. But during that time I played five nights per week, darned near every week. So there must have been some magic in there someplace.

I think my biggest mistake was staying in a High Sec corp the entire time. I tried to get into low sec but no one would join me. I roamed solo. I won some; I lost more. The only time I really enjoyed EVE in the end was during adrenaline pumping low/null roams, where you could win big - or lose everything - in a blink. That high sec activity funded it was a necessary truth, but my corp just wanted to run missions all the time and I grew bored.

So I wonder whether Retribution might make it worth returning. Maybe even finding a dedicated low or null corp to run with. I can offer t2 Gal frig experience immediately, and load t1 Gallente cruisers and BC's with t2 armor and weapons right now. Plus I love flying the small ships everyone cannot wait to leave behind. So I have something to offer to a corp.

So tell me: Any thoughts on Retribution, in the short time its been out? Has it made a difference for anyone, with new ships and new bounty systems? Or is not really so much a game changer for existing players?