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    Exclamation [README] The official guide for taking part in an upcoming Call to Arms.

    Greetings potential Giraffelings, this is a guide dedicated to helping you don your purple spandex and shooting filthy red and blue people as quickly as possible on a Call to Arms day.

    The first, and most obvious step is to download the game, here. The game is quite a large download (around 9gb) so make sure to download and update the game before the big event. Just click on the big "PLAY FREE ON PC" button in the top right corner. (The game can be downloaded through the steam client, though this is not recommended due to an extended download period and the potential to break the game launcher) You will then be asked to create a DBG account. If you have played other DBG games such as DCU online, H1Z1 or Everquest and its derivatives then you can use this account to play, if not then simply create a new account. Once done you'll be able to download the game launcher. This will begin the process of installing the game launcher. When the launcher is installed you will be able to download the game proper, it's worth noting that the launcher has been known to download fairly slowly for some people, regardless of their internet speed, so don't be alarmed if this happens. When the install is complete there will be a big PLAY button for you to click on.

    Now that the game is installed you will need to create a character, to do this you'll need to log into the launcher with your DBG account, and launch the game. You will then be presented a character creation screen. To be able to play with the giraffes you'll need to create a character belonging to the Vanu Sovereignty (the purple guys with the best fashion sense and the cool music) and join the Miller (EU) server, you may need to press the "show all servers" button to see it. It also helps if you have a cool and easy to spell (make life easier on us welcoming committee folks) name, but it's not a requirement. Once your character has been created you'll be dropped face first onto the newbie continent, Koltyr. You'll need to leave Koltyr to be able to play with us on the night. To do this simply deploy at the warpgate, and use the big console in the centre, it should look like this:
    This is an older picture, and the consoles have since moved to the centre of the room. One of the welcoming committee folks will tell you which continent you need to deploy to on the night. Now that you've got your fancy (and rather handsome I might add) new character we can move on to how to get in contact with us and join the outfit.

    To play with us, you will need mumble for voice communications, and while a mic certainly isn't necessary, it is recommended. A more detailed and competently written guide on how to install the program can be found here, but I'll go through the basics anyway. You want to add a new server and fill out the information like this:

    Make sure your mumble username is the same as your in-game character name, it really helps out everyone to know who is speaking. It is also especially important that you use push to talk, holding down a button to talk may be a nuisance at first, but it is infinitely better than hearing heavy breathing or feedback loops. Do be considerate of others.

    Once all of that is set up then you will be able to join the server. Once there you'll want to scroll down to the MMO subsection, then Planetside 2>[VS] RPS>Call to Arms (Direct Comms)>Welcome Channel.
    Double click on the welcome channel, and you will be guided through the rest of the process by myself or one of my lovely assistants. Make sure you're in game before you join the welcome channel, as it will speed up the outfit invites spectacularly. If there's a lull feel free to ask one of the welcoming committee any questions you have about the game, we will be happy to help. Once in the outfit you will be assigned to a squad, then you can simply jump down to whichever squad you've been assigned to and introduce yourself to your new comrades-in-arms. Any further questions about the game should be directed to your all-knowing and all-powerful squad leaders. Remember, no question is a stupid question. (except for why RPS are so amazing, it's a secret.)

    More information about the game can be found here, and it's recommended that you have a quick jaunt around the game before the CTA, just so you can get a very basic understanding of what to do.

    Our one and only rule is to be excellent to one another. As long as you adhere to this everything will go swimmingly. While 'party on dudes' is not an official rule, but it's strongly recommended that you follow it anyway.

    And remember, the CTA is about having fun. Nothing saddens Grumpy more than newbies having a bad time. If the girafflings aren't having fun, then us vets aren't having fun either. So help make this event fun for everyone.

    If you encounter any problems with getting into the game or the mumble server, then either make a post below or get in touch with myself or another of our members through PMs or steam.
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