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    Not station cash, but Homeworld remastered is marked down on steam, for anyone who missed playing with us last time.

    Anyone buying it would probably trigger another round, so: git!
    Filthy farmer that I am.

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    So apparently this is what DGC are putting on sale throughout December:

    Solid pink camo anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RunningGloves View Post
    Solid pink camo anyone?
    surely only when accessorised with a set of hard light armour from the 2nd anniversary bundle?

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    *grumbles about no new or returning horns*

    Looks like my horn collection shall always remain three away from completion.
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    People subscribe to this so keep chat to the Discussion thread please
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guvornator View Post
    I love a woman who reminds me of a loading screen from a Spectrum game...

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