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    I think it will suck mighty ass, that's what i think!
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    I like the game a lot, but I'm terrible MMORPG player, I just get bored, when I get to max level. I feel my most enjoyment is from leveling. That said, I think, I can't play RPG games without dodge anymore. Combat dynamic is great, but I can't stay playing rpgs a lot, being a FPS player. I feel at least, I am always welcome to GW2 more, unlike most other MMORPGS I've played.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jha4ceb View Post
    [off topic] What about TESO? You think that will have only a box price, like GW2?
    Gargh! Stop using odd acronyms! I thought you were talking about Tesco, or the (imaginary) Japanese animal dating and fighting game Turtle Elephant Super Orangutan.

    Certainly they will look at such a payment structure, they'd be silly not to, but something makes me think they'll opt for some ghastly hybrid subscrition/F2P model or microtransaction hell. Either way, I don't think they'll capture what made TES TES, and so, just another MMORPG.

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    My bad - I was talking about Turtle Elephant etc. No wait...

    Definitely agree on the latter point Feldspar. Hard to see that one excelling.
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