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    I've just got my commander tag so will be available for commanding late evening UK time a fair bit. Will pop in to mumble sometime to say hello.

    Edit: Char name is Emmett Lazlow
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    The new match started at midnight, and we had another really strong start. Opponents are Ring of Fire again and Whiteside Ridge.

    A few hours before the reset there was a community-wide training session to try out some multi-squad tactics which saw us kick RoF all over their own map despite them beating us by a large point lead all last week and proved we could take on their numbers with some coordinated strikes and just generally outplaying them in the field. It's just a shame they declined to zerg into range of the six ballistae we put up on their former keep for farming.

    When the match reset at midnight Duke led a strong RPS crew as part of an organised server plan to take Stonemist Castle in the Eternal Battlegrounds map, and we faced an enemy force so large that my client crashed just as we were wiping them as they tried to take our home keep. I was on our home map queueing to get back into EB so missed them repeatedly wiping the RoF zerg as we held Stonemist and proceeded to take over the entire map. Meanwhile we kicked everyone off our home map and made some good gains in enemy territory, and overall it was a good example of what we can do as a server when we get organised and a great time was had by all.

    While we're a casual PVX guild united more by our love of the unending ursine and meta banter, we're unexpectedly turning into a serious WvW force alongside the many excellent and friendly guilds that make up the Gunnar's Hold force. We should totallytry to get some 2- or even 3-squad groups together this week and cause some trouble in the wuvs and keep our server in front in the points. Shame I'm back at work next week but will be on after 8 most nights.

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