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    Z (yes *THAT* game) released for I-Pad

    Article here. Game here.

    I don't own one of these fancy serving trays and probably never will but if you do, pick this one up. Sweet sweet memories (of horrible horrible failure) are tied to this wonderful game.

    Does this belong in the PC Gaming Section? It's a PC-Game afterall.
    Meta-Discussion go!

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    Bought it as soon as I found out that it was released. It is a faithful port of the original game and it certainly hasn't lost any of its charm. I don't know if I will really play through the whole game again after all these years (it was bloody hard!), but the intro movie alone made me smile.

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    Yes, bought in an instant. I've only had a quick play (and got trashed by the AI) but I think I will definitely invest some time in it whenever I am travelling in the next few weeks.

    Z is one of the special games of my youth so it's nice to be able to carry it around with me :)

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    Z is maybe the first game I can remember being really disapointed with.

    Edit- That was a bit negative.

    I would like to go back and try it, my big problem was I remember it being insanely hard, but I was quite young back then.
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