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    Organized Mechwarrior Online Nights/Events - RPSRM

    This thread has been around for awhile. Originally it was a poll - now, it is a community.

    A community... of MechWarriors. The community of... Rock, Paper, Short Range Missile.


    For details on how to play this new, FREE TO PLAY (but oh God paint is expensive) MECHWARRIOR GAME, check out

    We gather on the RPS community mumble in the Mechwarrior / Online channel, which is our handy voice-chat. Details here (props 2 Nullkigan):

    Fill out this form to list your in-game name so people can find you. It will take you to a google docs thing that will let you fill out your gaming related details. You can then view a list of other players who play MWO and hang out with RPS here, as a google spreadsheet thing.

    Finally, we do have a Steam Group to aid in finding each other/sending each other messages via Steam along the lines of 'hey come play? ;_;' --> - feel free to sit in the chat room to try and find people to play with!

    We play somewhat regularly from around 19:30 UK time onwards, meeting up on:

    MechWarrior MechWednesday (Wednesdays) (The big one)

    Pew-Pew-Patch-Tuesday (Tuesdays) (after the weekly patch goes up)

    Stompybot Sunday/Saturday (Weekends, although this is usually just us hanging out at random on weekends and gradually agglutinating into a group.)

    The MechWarrior group system requires people to split up into groups of 4 -- our current ettiquette, in the event of there being five players, is to have one player drop out every match based on who died first/did the least damage, swapping out so the fifth player can join. Then the next match someone will swap out again for them, and so on. At the point we get 6 players, we usually split into two lances of 3.

    There is also this thread here, for discussing tactics/sharing mech loadouts, with details for a web-based mechlab utility that is way cool:

    The old post in all its mixed glory follows, after this MASSIVE UPDATE EDIT with all the stuff above:


    Okay, so. I've been trying to get people to play with me, and although I have had some success, impromptu yelling 'Hey come play with me' in the RPS steam group chatroom and in the MWO thread here have had limited results.

    For those of you who have somehow not heard of Mechwarrior Online:

    In short: New mechwarrior game, it's a free to play MMO with excellent looking robots and explosions, and some difficulties, because it's still in Open Beta. However, it is good enough to have hooked some of us, and have hooked us badly.

    Here is what I propose: We set up a weekly event like the Arma and Planetside guys have done to meet up, mingle, and basically gather up for a couple of hours to form either up to four man lances or eight man lances, using for voicechat the RPS community mumble server. (Props 2 Nullkigan and the donors) --->

    The current game mode is a straight capture-the-enemy-base w/ team death match strapped on, although a new team mode is due in the next major patch on December 18th. Currently the way it works is you either have groups of 2-4 people dropping together in the general pick-up-game pool, or groups of 8 people exactly dropping together against other groups of 8 people.

    Edit: The poll's results have been far from clear, so, for now, we're going to run one-off test sessions until we find a good time people like.

    Currently planned sessions are:

    Sunday Afternoon Stompybots - 16th December @ 2 PM UK time
    MechWednesday MechWarrior - 19th December @ 7:30 PM UK time
    Friday Freelancers - 21st December @ 7:30 PM UK time

    A provisional steam group for meetups, Rock Paper Short Range Missile, can be found here: - feel free to sit in the chat room to try and find people to play with!


    OH MY GOD. So we actually play semi-regularly on Wednesday nights around 19:30. Get on the mumble and hang out!


    Also, admire my collection of Cataphracts:
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