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    Lightbulb [NC] RTRS - miller - NC outfit

    Hello all.

    I am Ashley (HammerfistXI) the reason I have started this post is to help are outfit get more organised and better working together. Also to help get and guild new players of are outfit. To many times I hear new player in sure what to spend Certs on, wafflenumber ask if some one would help to organize and come up with ideas for the outfit. So this will be an evolving post so hang with me as I work throw this.

    Rule 1 for this post. please don't spam in here with everyday things, use are other post area for that (freedom Friday)
    Rule 2 members of are outfit please post you in game name with what u are Certing in, and what you are working to, for eg. Copy and past this to use as a template

    IGN -
    my roles that i like to do -
    My main Certs -
    My goal -
    my pro tip -
    my ideas for are squad or "and" outfit -

    Rule 3 - if u come up with a new idea to add, instead of post a new reply every time. Please go back to your 1st post and edit it, this will help to keep this post clean and clutter free(dom)

    The goal of is post will be to find out what every ones skills are, and to organise effective teams. I've got about of ideas after a night of sleep after wafflenumber ask for some ideas. But for that first we need to know what people are set up as and what they like to do.

    New player tips (WIP)
    Certs. Planetside 2 can be abit Grindy so for new players. So hears the best way to get Certs and what to do with them. Gonna keep this sweet and short. You will soon learn "I need more Certs!!"

    1. The best classes to 1st play the game as is engineer or medic, medic is has a longer range than e engi with the default gun. Kills earn u a basic 100 exp per kill, boost and memberships change this, for a free to player the best thing to do is heal, repair and supply in a zone that you are DEFENDING, as defenders get 15-20% boost to all actions in that zone. So follow a Zerg of ppl drop ammo boxes and repair stuff this will get u alot of exp.

    2. Save Certs, now for free to players if u don't want to spend money on this game that's fine but ill need to not waste your Certs. Focus them 1st thing you should get is a scope for you basic gun, when I start I was engi I am currently lv 25 and I still use the basic engi carbine with the hs/nv this scope is very good for close range fights, it reflect light of any surface, this means u can spot them sneaky stealthed snipers, as they can not hide from this scope, but it has its limits u can only see around 100m in front of u, it fades the rest out. The other good one is the GD Reflexer. All optics cost 30 Certs. U don't need anything else for these guns ie flashlight (pointless).

    3 so you are earning good income of exp in supporting. Now for killing learn to recoil, to kill things you need to take the shield out, so u won't to forces burst fire on the chest of ur target and then slip up to the head, this can very easy take out a heavy. Don't spray and pray the only guns that can do 1 shot head shots are bolt action rifles. Shoot at a wall learn how to recoil ur gun.

    4. What to spend certs on, this is easy you spend it on what's earning you exp. that's it. Don't waste your starting Certs on junk you will hardly use. Eg cert the repair/heal gun for to make it more effective only go to level 3 this wont cost many crets. Go higher if u want to spec as that class this will help u earn more exp (Certs) 1 cert = 250 exp

    5. Try before u buy. Simple trial something before u spend ur hard earned Certs, u can only trial weps and not attachments.

    6. The best exp earner is defending, tie this in with supporting ur fellow squad mates for squad support gets bonus exp

    7. *NEW* after some reading hear on the fourms i have seen something pop up a few times regarding accounts, if your a new player DON'T have a seven account. make your account with SOE it seems to cos less problems when you have an SOE account.

    outfit / squad set up (WIP)

    this will be the section in which squad ideas will be edited into.
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    IGN - HammerfistXI

    my roles that i like to do - air support and engineer support i like to defend are land from beaning lost. i like to drop ppl from galaxies and do tactical strikes to my enemy's, i'm not much of a zerg man but will do it if that's what needs doing.

    My main Certs - i currently am working on my air assets, i have all weps for revere and working on lib. i am also fouced on my engineer who has AT mines, C4 and ammo box level 3 currently. level 4 repair gun and levle 2 mana turret "hurry up SOE and get the dam anti tank turret in!!"

    My goal - air dormancy and i would like to have a small team of flyers to work together, a signal air unit can do a lot of damage but even a 3 man team of air units working together could stop anything, if u had 2 revere's with AA rockets and AH gun, the 3rd with rocket pods and the AA gun focus fire on enemy's that power would be unstoppable. if we needed air power then we could get it, that's a goal of mine

    my pro tip - this game is about logistics in getting ppl around so communicate is my best tip. work with others, squad play is very important, having the right team in the right place can change the tide of a battle. Don't be shy to talk to others, this game forces you to have to work with other people. it is not COD, 1 man can't do anything but even a team of 3 working together can wipe out a hole squad if done well. and other than that make mistakes and learn from them. there is always some one better than you, but even the best can't deal with a well organized group

    my ideas for are squad or "and" outfit - i got a few but i need to know what are group consists of, as i and the other leaders of are outfit are coming up with ways to make are outfit more fun and to get to want players to join us and to make freedom fridays the night of freedom, the night that NC will spread its word of freedom "cake"
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    IGN = Caddybear

    My Main Certs = Stuff for my Reaver. Yes, really, that's pretty much where all my points went apart from faster repairing on my engineer.

    My Goal = Getting better at this flying stuff.

    My pro tip = Fighting TR is much easier than fighting Vanu, from what I've seen.

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    IGN - Wafflynumber

    Roles - Outfit lead, platoon lead, squad lead, usually medic

    My main Certs - Most in leadership.

    My goal -To become the very best, like no one ever was...

    My pro tip - Listen to your squad lead/platoon lead! We tend to know what we're doing!

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    IGN - Bastiat

    Roles - Light assault rushing, Infiltrator... infiltrating (not sniping), anti vehicle.

    My main Certs - Saving towards unlocking second AA for my MAX, will probably focus on Light Assault afterwards.

    My goal - I'm keen on assisting the zerg whilst not being there. Getting behind enemy lines with infiltrator or light assault's where I have most fun and wreak most destruction.

    my pro tip - Learn when staying alive is important, and when it's not. Keep your eye on where the deployed sunderers are.
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    IGN - DominicusOfSarth

    my roles that i like to do - Countersnipe, Infiltrate and set up a spawnpoint sunderer behind enemy lines.

    My main Certs - Sunderer, Infiltrator, Engineer.

    My goal - Following and supporting the zerg by setting up bases it can rush too. I might cert into the vanguard as well in the far future to use it to wreck a base behind enemy lines.

    my pro tip - Play what you enjoy, your always better at that.

    my ideas for are squad or "and" outfit - "working on that"

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    IGN - lagga

    Roles - Infantry Combat and Air to Air Reaver

    Certs - The few essentials for each class, S-AMS and everything else in Reaver

    Goal - Actually help NC achieve aerial dominance once in a while.

    Pro Tip - Flank, always flank, kills are easy when they don't have time to shoot back.
    so much for pathos

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    IGN - Vanstrak
    my roles that i like to do - combat medic or engineer, support basically
    My main Certs - trying to get my combat medic fitted up so can take dudes out at range but at close range i go all running and healing.
    My goal - to get as good as most people are in the outfit!
    my pro tip - keep your head down and your backside up! rather get shot in the backside than the head

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    IGN - Boffinboots

    What I like - Anything with a big gun (Heavy, Vanguard, Liberator gunner (though my graphics settings don't exactly lend themselves to this)). I also seem to be good at dying. I enjoy running around the outskirts of fights picking off snipers, sunderers etc that aren't expecting it.

    My main Certs - armour and extra bits (shields etc) for heavy and vanguard. Trying to save up for C4. Yes, on a heavy.

    My goal - Shoot things until they die.

    My pro tip - I am nowhere near pro...

    My ideas for our squad and/or outfit - Tbh I think the squad/platoon leaders should take a tighter lead on things. Nothing worse than a wet blanket in command coughcoughcoughcoughcough.

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    IGN - Bobbins

    my roles that i like to do - air-to-air Reaver; Heavy assault, anti-tank/anti-air. I spend less time in the air atm since, due to previously mentioned lack of air dominance, it's pretty difficult to support any ground actions effectively.

    My main Certs - pimpin' mah Reaver, improving Heavy Assault weapons, etc.

    My goal - would secretly like to be a decent Lib' pilot but can't seem to get my head round it.

    my pro tip - learn to fly with a joystick, then ditch it and go back to mouse + keyboard.

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    IGN - Wolfenswan

    roles - no defined role yet, but I enjoy infantry the most.

    my main certs - only bits and pieces. I have a good 400 certs to spent to start specializing. I'm tending towards either CQC Infiltrator, C4 LA or turret eng. Could also consider pimping the vanguard or going for a skyguard lightning.

    My pro tip - Getting in the back of the enemy zerg and cutting off their supply routes is surprisingly effective.

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    IGN - Evanzan

    Roles - Mainly Medic and Infiltrator (Sniper) with a bit of Heavy Assault for AA/AV.

    Main Certs - Mostly certing into Medic with basics for Infiltrator/HA. Also have S-AMS.

    Goal - Work as part of an effective squad (and thus achieve vicarious effectiveness!!).
    Also to learn to fly (and thus I might cert into Reaver in the future).

    [Pending inspiration, no Pro Tip or ideas for Squad/Outfit yet.]

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    IGN - Ayam

    roles - Heavy heavy heavy

    my main certs - okayish sunderer and a lot of squad leader perks apart from command channels, but now I am saving up for anti-air missiles as a heavy, love that class so much

    My pro tip - leading a squad doesn't have to be an intense military shout-fest, I'm just being cool, dudes

    My pro tip #2 - coordinating our anti-air fire on the count of 2 simultaneously firing, 500 points left to go till that Hawk is in my hands

    My pro tip #3 - wait for your dudes before starting a charge, filtering in one by one is crazy, man

    My pro tip #4 - Freedom!
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    IGN - SamX3

    Roles - Combat Infantry, mostly Heavy and Infiltrator

    My Main Certs - Bits and pieces. ATM focusing on Heavy.

    My goal - Get the kills and get out alive.

    My pro tips:
    1. Always watch your back. Flanking is quiet easy in this game.
    2. Want to get easy kills? Pick an Infiltrator and try to drop on the highest tower in the hostile's base.
    3. Move with team. No Rambo exist in this game (and in reality).

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    Hi dudes, just a quick response, will update when I have some more inspiration.

    IGN - JeffJeff
    my roles that i like to do - Support (Engi/medic), Reaver pilot (sometimes lib)
    My main Certs - Reaver, medic
    My goal - Probably lock on missiles for heavy assault class. Becoming an awesome reaver pilot. Also, chicks.
    my pro tip - Listen to Ayam
    my ideas for are squad or "and" outfit - pending

    Thanks Hammer and Waffly, good to see people taking the outfit to "the next level".


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    IGN - Graever

    Roles - Heavy, Sniper, Reaver Pilot

    Certs - Outside of getting some cheap 1/10cert stuff I've mainly been spending on my Reaver & heavy assault.

    Goal - I'm perfectly happy just running around shooting at red/purple things and dying a lot.

    [Pro tip goes here in the unlikely case i actually gain any wisdom to share]

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    Worthing, West Sussex
    IGN - Taaloc
    My Roles that i like to do - Heavy Assault, kicking down doors, blowing stuff up. Infiltrator sometimes. Engineer sometimes.
    My main Certs - Heavy.
    My goal - Short term is to improve my average k/d ratio. Long term is to get my heavy fully certed.
    My ideas for our squad or "and" outfit -

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    IGN - Tehk

    my roles that i like to do - Infiltrator, Max, Engineer, Tanks

    My main Certs - pretty random at the moment, but I guess after next weeks triple-SC-thingy, I'll get some stuff for Max, Tanks and Reaver. Maxes need more love!

    My goal - Shooting stuff and having fun is all I need; And I'd like to get decent at flying. Current status: total noob, but I got my first aerial kill yesterday. Yay me!

    my pro tip - Yeah sure.... as if I could give any "pro" tip

    my ideas for are squad or "and" outfit - Please try to keep that balance between organisation and mindless fun. I'm having a great time during Freedom Fridays. What would make it even better is of course: More people!

    Thanks to all FF-organizers


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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    IGN - Lightbringer
    my roles that i like to do - Heavy, pilot stuff that rolls or flies
    My main Certs - Heavy
    My goal - Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds
    my pro tip - Avoid travelling with zergs. There isn't enough exp running around for everybody, and we have to hold all fronts. Plus, zergs clogg both server and client performances.
    my ideas for are squad or "and" outfit - 1. A camping retreat two years from now 2. As TehK wrote, please keep a balance: mindless fun (aka races) are fun, but not really my thing

    Thanks for organising this!

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    IGN - BobHound
    My roles I like to do is play Heavy Assault, MAX and Reaver pilot
    My main Certs - I put some money down when I initially started playing and put it on the Reaver and the MAX. (Secret lib pilot wannabe as well)
    Goal right now is to get comfortable with the MAX and the HA and occasionally suiciding in the reaver. My next cert I'll focus on getting will probably be unlocking one of the locking launchers for the heavy.
    My pro tip - It's hardly pro, but whenever I go up in the reaver I always fly upside down and use the free look to scan for enemies. Then when I see something below I swoop down like a hawk! And generally also meet my doom.
    BobHound - EVE Online

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