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    Celebrating Quake 2, or something like that.

    So, with yesterday's front page bit about Quake 2 turning 15 I started to not only feel old but also started fondly reminiscing about days gone by and all the fun that was to be had with that particular game. And in my haze of nostalgia I started thinking about digging out the game again, reinstalling Rocket Arena 2 and Action Quake 2, and hopefully finding an active server or two around somewhere. If I remember right I can't mod the Steam version, so that means I'll have to dig out my original CD and start from there. But my problem comes in the form of knowing that a few years ago when I tried to do something similar, I couldn't get the game to work well online and suffered through terrible lag, seemingly input lag, but it was only when playing online. That's something for another thread and another time though. Besides, it was probably just a settings issue because Quake 2 did have a bit of a tendency to wig out like that every so often.

    Now, I'm here to ask for recommendations for updated Quake 2 engine ports. I know there were quite a few that came out after id released the source years ago, but I never really bothered with them because by that time Quake 2 had fallen to the sidelines of my gaming life. I don't really care if it has super updated graphics or anything like that, I just want it to run well. Better than the original at least, which is what I tried playing online with last time. According to Wiki the best in terms of stability is R1Q2 or R1GL(two parts of the same whole, really) for both client and server use. But who knows how true the wiki page is. But R1Q2 certainly looks like it will fit the bill for what I'm wanting to do, which is to play some AQ2/RA2 and maybe even host a small server myself. I figure it's not likely, but does anyone have any experience with the new engine ports and server hosting when it comes to Quake 2? Any recommendations?

    As for the celebrating bit, share stories of some of your best times playing Quake 2, be it vanilla or modded it's all the same here.

    One of my favorite memories is really simple, but at the same time it's just something that always stuck with me because I was so overjoyed with what I had done. I was playing Action Quake and it was on one of the Urban maps, I think just plain Urban but I can't remember exactly. I spawned at the top of the street, and rather than charging down it and into the other team's spawn at the bottom I decided to jump my way onto the roof of one of the buildings, which then let me do a trick jump into a small room that looked out over where I had spawned, the sloped road connecting the two spawns, and a parking lot area at the bottom of the road. I hid in there that entire round without firing a single shot, and it came down to me and one other guy. We decided that we'd knife fight to end the round, and so I climbed out of my camping spot and started looking for him. I ended up finding him down by his spawn, sitting on the 3-story skeletal building that people always liked to snipe from. He started throwing knives at me, and I started throwing back, but he had the advantage of being able to duck out of sight while I was stuck in the open. So to even things up a bit I went across the street from the building he was in and got into the hotel that was there. Now I'm playing peek-a-boo through a doorway. I let him throw all his knives at me, and don't throw any of my own for him to pick up, so now he has to come down to fight me. He comes down, runs through the doorway, and I jump at him, kicking him into the elevator shaft where he falls to his death. It felt absolutely amazing, even though I had done nothing else the entire round and by all rights should have been dead long before then. But somehow I pulled it off, and it became a shining moment in my brain.

    EDIT: I went and installed Quake 2 and downloaded all the Urban maps to see which one it was, and it turns out it was none of them. That's going to bug me now. What the hell map was it?!

    Edit 2: Turns out it was ActCity, not Urban. And I also misremembered the hotel/elevator bit. It was a casino, and I must have kicked him into the door to and caused him to get stuck/crushed. Either that, or my memory is just making things up.
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