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    Biometrics and gaming

    I've been thinking about this a lot in the past few days, I know Gabe Newell has said that he reckons biometrics will have an impact on gaming in the future, and there was some stuff about aspects of it in last months Edge, does anyone have any thoughts or have any experience with this?
    Being scared shitless by a skeleton attack TWWANG in Minecraft, as I was scrambling up a cliff to my hilltop home, made me think about it seriously.. :)
    So obviously pulse rate could be used and might be the most practical way of measuring any kind of biological changes, resulting in modifications to music and graphics.. transitions in music and graphical effects are pretty normal as a result of in game actions though, I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg...
    I presume there are already ways to differentiate between psychological states that share similar biological attributes.. like, I was thinking, when someone's scared their pulse rate rises and they start to sweat, similar things happen when a person is sexually excited or embarrassed though... I suppose this would be one of the main stumbling blocks? These things are presumably fairly unique to each person aswell...
    The more I think about it the farther away the technology appears..

    Any interesting articles or whathaveyou I should read/watch/listen to?

    Edit: And there are mainstream motion sensors like the Wii, Move and Kinect, not sure how interested I am in this kind of biometrics.. I suppose it's the beginning though, it will just become more subtle with future devices
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