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    I like this game quite alot.
    Reaching orbit is no problem anymore and I even crashed on the Mun a few times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by P7uen View Post
    Also, 15 minutes?! Mine took about a minute and I still only had half an egg-cup-full of fuel by the time I landed!
    Well, I had someone talking me down. I was streaming, so he could semi-see what I was doing (dealing with the three-second delay). Hovered down at around 50 m/s starting from 10k m up. So it may not have been 15 minutes per say, but it definitely wasn't short.

    The one thing I really need to figure out (as I attempted a [successful] Minmus orbit and subsequent [failed] Minmus landing) is how to reduce my forward momentum effectively without careening in all manner of angles.

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    Well. Turns out I got that lander working, but the gravity is so low that when the wheels spin up to push it forward, it pushes it off the surface of Minmus. So, I'll have to rework the design and see what I can do (if anything) to fix it.

    On a more hilarious note: Here's my first attempt - that turned into a seven-minute crash.

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    Nine, are you using the same keys for manoeuvring in flight for moving the lander? If so, it'll be exerting the mysterious force that command modules in KSP produce. If that's the case, rebind the rover control keys to something other than the staging control keys.

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    I cannot into orbit :(

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    What are you trying to put in orbit? How many rokkits are you using? What type of rokkits are you using? What orbit are you trying to put it in?

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