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    Blu-Ray Drive Recommendations

    Looking for an internal Blu-Ray drive, I have no idea when it comes to these things. I have no need of a Blu-Ray rewrite but this will probably eventually replace my DVD drive so DVD rewrite is necessary.

    Looking for something in the <50 range but all recommendations are welcome.

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    A general browse seems that the only brand who make them sub-50 is LiteOn, who I've never bought from, nor heard anyone who has used them. You can find some for a few a few quid over from brands like LG, but they seem to be perpetually low in stock.

    That said, I did find this from Micro Direct. No idea how good it is.

    Alternatively, you could wait until after Christmas and see if there are any sales, which I wouldn't find too unlikely. Additionally, for about 70+, you can get BR RW functionality too, so you may want to consider that (although I can't imagine you really needing it. If you're transferring something that big, there are probably betters and more cost effective means of storage, like an external HDD).
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    If you can find it, the LG GGC-H20L is pretty cheap and supports Bluray writing, DVD writing and HD DVD playback.
    Having HD DVD support means you can buy 1080p HD movies for about $5 on average. It comes with Cyberlink PowerDVD (with Bluray support), but if you can buy a discounted version of TotalMedia Theater I'd go with that because Cyberlink dropped HD DVD playback a few years ago.
    It's usually around $70 new (huge price drop, bought an earlier variant for $220 back in 2008).
    It's really rare though, best I could find is a used ebay listing:
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