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    must stop leaning on my left (mouse) arm.

    Sigh. I blame work as much as gaming. Luckily, it hasn't got in the way of playing my guitar. And on the plus side, its encouraged me to spend more time reading, rather than playing games.

    it does mean that i won't get to play any of my steam-sale purchases any time soon. And i was looking forward to getting stuck into King Arthur.

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    I don't have full blown rsi by any stretch of the imagination but playing assassins creed on the 360 pad working so elegantly was something I was very appreciative of.
    also, recettear and splunky on my 360 street fighter pad.
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    I switched to a Logi Trackman for work when mine got crippling. Now (after nearly ten years of using it mind) I can happily work on that and still game on the mouse without too much bother. Extended gaming will still give me a reminder of why I switched in the first place but I can live with the occasional kick in the ribs.

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    I use a wacom tablet extensively at work, which keeps the RSI at bay. Obviously depends on the type of work you are going (I do graphics/visualization) , but if you can swing one you'll find it's beneficial.
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    I used an Evoluent Vertical Mouse both at home and at work, and this eliminated much of my pain. Still get some pain from my poor posture, and rubbish desk height, but the massive arm pain from using a mouse has pretty much vanished.

    Takes a little getting used to a vertical mouse, and I suspect my FPS aiming is a little less precise than before, but I don't play competitively, so not really a problem.

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    Wow. I never had it, thankfully, and Ive been gaming/working for copious quantities for the last 20 years.

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