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    A game bundle with several experimental games

    A game bundle that is ending soon, it has a pretty large ratio of experimental or unconventional games

    The 4th Wall
    Stay Dead

    If you like me like such games, have a look.

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    OK, I just played The 4th Wall and I have no idea what it was about.
    I'm not even sure whether I finished it.
    Wonderful. :)

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    I loved Eversion.

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    This is kind of old news to most of the people here, I think.
    I played War of the Human Tanks and it was great. Very advance wars-ish. The story isn't all that great, though, and they feel the need to force it on you as if it's more important than the strategy part. In fact, reading all the dialogue might take longer than actually playing the game, and a bunch of it is just badly done cliche anime comedy skits, as shown to you with no animation. I actually like anime and manga and all that stuff quite a bit and I still hated the out of mission cutscenes for this game, towards the end of it I was skipping at least 90% of the dialogue and reading the 2 sentences of it that's actually relevant to anything. It's the worst game dialogue I've read since magicka.
    My suggestion is to play it, but skip every cutscene. I think every mission has the same objective (kill the command tanks) so you're not missing out on any strategic info.

    On eversion, I really hated it and have no idea why everyone keeps saying it's good. The controls and physics were wonky, the titular "evert" mechanic was really just a chore, the music was terrible and the artstyle looked really tacky, for lack of a better word. Also it's like 30 minutes long. Not saying you can't like it I really just don't see where you're coming from.

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    I love how the trailer for Stay Dead boldly states that it's showing in game graphics.

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