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    Pro Help Question please!

    Ok couple quick questions!

    1) If i play the angelic host event in my first order slot will it arrive next turn and kill the prestige leader's legion before his legion gets a chance to move (I have turn priority over the prestige leader and his legion), or does the angelic host arrive after everybody else's orders and kill the prestige leaders legion at the end of the turn?

    2) This is an interesting one.
    Say someone has their all cantons taken and only possess the canton that their stronghold occupies.
    Is there any way to come back after this?
    I did a bit of reading and it seems that if you attempt to buy a bazaar legion then it simply dies or something since it has nowhere to spawn.
    But.......I read somewhere else that if your personal guard is dead and it reforms then it may/does actually convert an enemy hex or unclaimed hex to one of yours when it respawns.

    The gist of this question is that in a game i'm in someone is about to lose their last canton besides their stronghold.
    I am intending to play angelic host (i'm regent) in the hope that it kills the prestige leaders legion before it takes the other guys last canton.

    Even if the prestige leader takes his canton i think angels will kill his legion but then the other guy will have no cantons besides his stronghold so am wondering if it's possible for him to get back in the game somehow as he also has no legions on the board. Am thinking only way this is possible is if his personal guard reforms and converts an empty or enemy hex when it does so.

    help on this weird question would be greatly appreciated!

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    1) I think it works like that, but I'm not sure. [Nope wrong, see Heliocentric's post below.]
    2) Vassalage might allow him to spawn his legion in allied territory. He would need to become the vassal of someone with a canton next to his stronghold. The main problem is that anyone with no cantons left can be killed. You can expect the prestige leader to buy a replacement legion to get the job done in short order if they lose their legion.
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    Angels move in the event period, after all orders and purchases are resolved, they also take their first action (attacking the prestige leader) at the same time. if you "defeat" the angels by causing them more harm than they deal(you might only deal a tiny amount of damage as long as you get hurt less), you stop them moving that turn.
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