I'm not personally involved in this, but I think it might push the right buttons for a few people here:

From the KS pitch:

Topia Online is a completely player-run MMORPG sandbox. Our mission is to give players a wealth of tools to build the game world. (...) From the beginning, we knew that we wanted to create an online game where you could truly 'do anything'. In order to accomplish that, we are building a powerful set of tools that the players themselves can use to expand the game world and it's features.

Here's a quick overview of the Unique Selling Points:

  • Scripting and Customisation - NPCs, spells, special items and more are controlled by player-written Javascript. Use scripts from the in-game library, or write and publish your own and publish it for others to use. Players will have access to the same tools used by the developers.
  • No NPCs - "Each creature in the game is 'owned and operated' by a player. There are no 'NPCs', except the ones that players create and program themself." Shopkeepers, guards, crafters and much more besides will all be created using the above scripting.
  • Monster Play - As well as human characters, all monsters will be controlled by players. Join packs with your fellow creatures, or strike out as a lone terror. From humble slimes to deadly archdemons, there's plenty of choice.
  • Permadeath Ė Once your character dies, theyíre not coming back.
  • Personal Worlds Ė Donít like the rules of the game? Tweak the scripts and create your own personal world. Other players will be able to connect as soon as itís set up.

Hope thatís piqued some of your interest; it certainly got my attention.