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    Boardgame recommendations for xmas thread

    Ok, so Rab is starting his 12 days of Christmas, which will be awesome. But I rather need to order today or tomorrow.
    I'm sure I've read about dozens of awesome games over the last year or two on cardboard children.. but the specifics slip my mind.

    So this thread is for recommending general boardgames of the year, and also giving/getting specific recommendations.
    If you do post a boardgame of the year, it'd be nice if you gave an idea of the number of players and the type of audience.

    PS/ Found a useful holiday gift guide here on boardgamegeek

    As for me, can anyone recommend:

    A - A reasonably priced boardgame for 2-4 players that's accessible for people like parents who aren't really into boardgames. Nothing too geeky in theme or requiring hours of manual reading. Something relatively social and fun.

    B - A board/card game that works well with 2 players and doesn't involve lots of small baby-edible pieces. Something that can be played relatively quickly in an evening after said baby has gone to bed.

    Neither has to be from this year specifically.
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