I'm moving to Windsor, Ontario in the next few weeks and I was looking into getting my old rig shipped over from the UK and it looks like it'll cost me around 500. For that money I could just buy a new rig. My problem is that I'm finding it difficult to shop around being so close to the US border (and Detroit).
I've found the great Canadian site of NCIX.com whose prices seem reasonable, but is there a similar US one that will deliver over the bridge? I could even try and get it delivered though work at the University. I can only bring a certaina mount with me, but is it worth me taking the processor and the RAM with me anyway? The i7 is one of the very first ones to come out so it quite slow compared to many of the new i5s.

My current build I suppose is a bit odd:
ATI Radeon HD 4850 X2.
Intel Core i7 920, 2.67 GHz, 2668 Mhz, 4 core, 8 logical.
6.00 GB RAM.
Water cooled (Pointless, not going to bother with new build).
4 random hard drives, all with 232 GB. I'll get an SSD when I can.
Motherboard I can't remember I'll update if I find out. I'll definitely replace it.
PSU I'll have to buy a new one anyway.
Case I really, really need a new one. This one has holes all over it and things bolted to it.

So what's a guy to do? I want a computer with equal or more power (I can't play PS2 at all and I was ArmA 3 to be glorious). My budget is roughly $1000 CAD, but if it is cheaper to buy is USD then that makes more sense. Any advice from the guys west of the pond?