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    RPS Blood Bowl Awards - Winter 2012 - Nominations

    Alrighty, let's get some nominations in. With a view to start a full spectrum of awards next year, we can still have a look back and pick some of the best bits of 2012!

    So how will this work?

    Below are the categories for consideration. There are a few less categories than discussed in the other thread, but that is simply because we are trying this out for the first time. Once I've received a fair number of entries (say at least 2-3) for each, we'll have a round of voting. The voting will be a hidden ballot (probably using Google Docs) and the winners will be announced in the new year.

    Rules for Nomination:
    • Coaches nominated must be RPS forum members.
    • Teams and players nominated must belong to an RPS coach.
    • Matches nominated must involve at least one RPS coach.
    • If you would rather nominate privately, send me a PM. Nominations will be presented as anonymous unless otherwise suggested in this thread.
    • You can nominate for each category as many times as you like.
    • You do not have to nominate something for every category.
    • You cannot nominate yourself, unless otherwise noted.

    Here are the categories for this year's awards...

    PART A:

    Most Feared Team
    Whether they're violent or just too damn good at what they do, which RPS side do you dread facing most? You don't have to have actually faced someone to be eligible to nominate them. The fear is enough!
    - 3 Feet High and Rising -
    - Dead Can-Can -
    - Dwarven Giants -
    - Elf Harm -
    - Gears of Mork -
    - Pink Patisserie Panthers -
    - Sunny Day Snotling Creche -

    Most Feared Player
    That is the in-game player, not the coach. As above, you can nominate a player whether or not you've personally had to deal with them on the pitch.
    - Billy Big Balls (The Vivisectionists) - Rat-Ogre -
    - Break Tackle, Claw, Guard, Juggernaut, Pro -
    - (sadly no longer with us) -
    - Cibennefindal Nhamirellyn (Elf Harm) - Pro Elf Catcher -
    - Block, +2 MA, +1 ST, +1 AG -
    - Einstine (Da Smarterest Team) - Ogre -
    - Block, Break Tackle, Frenzy, Piling On -
    - General Zod (The 4 Colour Villains) - Human Blitzer -
    - Jump Up, Mighty Blow, Tackle, +2 ST -
    - Jam Master Jay (3 Feet High and Rising) - High Elf Catcher -
    - Block, Dodge, Guard, Pass Block, Nerves of Steel -
    - The BFG (Dwarven Giants) -Dwarf Runner -
    - Block, Dodge, +1 ST, +2 AG -

    Most Feared Coach
    Which forumite gives you the willies?
    - ChainsawHands -
    - Corkir -
    - Indefatigible Snoozer -
    - Jolima -


    The above categories are now open for voting here!

    The following categories will be open for votes soon:

    PART B:

    Play of the Year
    The award for the best (or luckiest) feat on the pitch. Nominations in this category require the game in question is uploaded to BBManager (or be a FUMBBL match).
    In this category you may nominate your own play.

    Match of the Year
    Which match was truly spectaular? Was it because f the high scores, the run of luck, the incredible nuffling or the appalling violence? As above, nominations in this category require the game in question is uploaded to BBManager (or be a FUMBBL match), and you may nominate your own match too.


    PART C:

    Wizard of the Year
    Coaches nominated for this award should have displayed the smartest tactical skills this year.

    Cheerleader of the Year
    The award for the funniest, most entertaining coach on our forum this year.

    MVP of the Year
    The award for the coach who showed great sportsmanship, a positive/amusingly cynical attitude, got involved in discussions and generally went beyond the level of simple participation in the game itself.


    Nominations are closed, thank you!

    EDIT: Nominations closed, voting started.
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