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    What genres are under-represented on the PC? What PC games are in those genres?

    So I was thinking about the what console games are PC gamers missing thread, and I wanted to take it a step further. What genres are we missing, are there any console games you would like to see replicated on PC? I'd like to get a list up and running. Emulation exists, but arguing whether it's legal or moral is probably something for another day. I also won't list the huge amount of legal genesis games that sega plopped on steam.

    3rd Person Beat em Ups (God of War):

    Arkham Asylum / City
    Bloodrayne Series
    Devil May Cry 3 & 4
    King's Field
    Lugaru (and upcoming Overgrowth)
    Onimusha 3
    Prince of Persia?
    Soul Reaver Series
    Viking Battle for Asgard

    Prototype & 2 (sandbox)
    Spiderman Games? (sandbox)

    Kart Racers:

    Post Apocalyptic Mayhem
    Sonic All-Stars Racing
    Zero Gear


    Megaman X series (most of them had a pc release, good luck finding a legal copy now though)


    A Valley Without Wind?
    Black Sun
    Cave Story
    Fortune Summoners
    Knitt (free and good, but does not have combat)
    La Mulana
    Waking Mars?

    JRPG style games:

    Amaranth's games (like Aveyond)
    Breath of Death and Cthulu Saves the World
    Exit Fate and Last Scenario (free and quite good)
    Final Fantasy 7 (plus a few more ports)
    Iffermoon (free)
    Last Remnant?
    Septerra Core
    The Spirit Engine (free and not an RPGmaker game)

    Realistic Racing Games (Gran Turismo):

    Dirt / Grid
    GT Legends
    GTR FIA Racing
    Live for Speed
    MX Simulator (Dirt Bike)
    netKar Pro
    Off Road Drive
    Outrun 2006 (looks like a 6 year old game)
    Project Cars
    Richard Burns Rally

    Smash Bros:

    Super Megabyte Punch
    Super Smash Land

    Shootem Ups:

    Ether Vapor Remaster
    eXceed - Gun Bullet Children & 2, 3
    GunDemonium Recollection
    Hitogata Happa

    Razor 2: Hidden Skies
    Sine Mora

    Sports Games:

    Football Manager?
    MLB 2k
    NBA 2k
    EA NHL 09


    Battlemoon Wars (English fan translation)
    Conquest of Elysium?
    Cryptic Comet's Games?

    War of the Human Tanks?
    Wesnoth (free)
    X-com (the new one)

    Tournament Fighters:

    Blaz Blue Calamity Trigger
    Dead or Alive Online (On a private server, so dubious legality)
    Guilty Gear

    Mortal Kombat Arcade Collection
    Street Fighter 4, x Tekken


    Dink Smallwood (free and decent, not great)
    Guardian of Paradise (free - fan translation)
    Lynn's Legacy (free)

    Question marks mean I haven't played them so I am not sure if they are a good fit.
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