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    What's Your Wishes for Upcoming CES2013?

    Yo~ the next CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is going to be held from 8 to 11 Jan 2013. So, what would you be expecting from the show where many new consumer electronic technologies are going to be introduced and publicized?

    I heard that smart phone tech, especially Android, is gonna dominating the show. I used to expect little from smart phone tech, believing that it is too expensive for poor guys like me. My elder brother is using iPhone 5, but he always makes good money. However, not long ago my father starts using his ZTE Android phone (Americans seem to be complaining about ZTE products' security issue, but if you want security you should not be using iOS / Android / MS Win Mobile, you should use BlackBerry), very convenient and essentially, very affordable. I so much want to buy one.

    BTW, is CES always held in New Vegas...... I mean, Las Vegas?

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    A new console, new AR glasses and a new blu-ray standard.

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    Annoucement of AMD's 8-series GPU range.

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    A fucking job.

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