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Thread: 0h Game Jam

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    0h Game Jam

    Well you can't go more indie and more simple than making a game at night, in an hour, an hour that doesn't even exist... last night from 2AM to 2AM (daylight saving time), the 0h Game Jam took place (

    It was instant fun. Maybe there is someone here who took part in it as well? Probably it was more fun to make this games than playing them afterwards :D

    Our game is: "Leon. The death story of a teleporting chameleon". You can check it out here. Made by 6 people in one hour :) And make sure to visit the 0h Game Jam site. You won't find a GTA V over there, but something will surely put a smile on your face :)
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    This is has made my day. I tried find their workload but
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