Can anyone recommend me games that are reminiscent of the Blade Runner film? Gritty, detective style, or just set in or around a dystopian scifi megacity. Steampunk cities would work too I guess, since they have that smoggy dystopian feel going on. Kind of a vague request but should turn up a slew of interesting games.

Dishonoured sounds like it might fit the bill very nicely and I've yet to play it.

Gemini Rue was brilliant and I loved that one.

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey *kinda* fits the bill, albeit the scifi supercity you find yourself in is more utopian than anything. The game before it, The Longest Journey fit the bill nicely though.

Beneath a Steel Sky is another great game.

The Fallout and Bioshock games also appeal.

Anyone got any other recommendations?