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    Project: 'Radio RPS'

    Hello folks,

    I recently completed a prototype for a set of scripts for mission makers in Arma, and as always I've decided I wish to improve it for an official public release. So...

    What is 'Radio RPS'?

    'Radio RPS' simply put is a suite of scripts and sound files designed to enhance immersion with realistic military communications that are randomly broadcast from both active vehicles and individual soldiers radio sets, to help players feel they are part of a larger military operation.

    How it works:

    Currently the prototype is rather basic, is the sense that the radio is called via triggers for named vehicles and init execution for soldiers (so currently even AI can produce radio chatter). But for the moment while a vehicle has it's engine turned on it will randomly broadcast at intervals via it's radio and can be heard up to 15 meters away. The same as vehicles with infantry but with the following changes, broadcasts only occur while the unit is alive, broadcasts occur less frequently, broadcasts can only be heard up to 10 meters away. I am looking into having a better way for the scripts to be triggered currently.

    Whats the plan?

    Well I'm hoping to expand this set of scripts into a library so that mission makers download the set then choose which set they wish to utilise in their mission(s), I'm hoping to get the main factions of the Arma II series covered for the library, so that would be:

    United Kingdom
    United States
    Russian Federation
    Czech Republic
    Takistan (Arabic)

    With the bonus additions of any other countries people wish to volunteer for.

    How can you help?

    Well that's the big question isn't? Well straight to the point, I'm looking for volunteers to provide voice acting for the radio messages, as while I can do some of the VA for UK/Russia this project requires more than one person, and I would much rather have natural Russians provide their talents. A few things potential volunteers need to bear in mind however.

    The project would/will be publicly available. (not just confined to ARPS/FOLK)
    Voice actors would be providing their talents in their natural languages. So Russian for Russia, English for UK/US etc.
    Voice actors will of course be credited for their part(s) in the library readme in either their real names or their aliases.

    Currently on board for this project:

    JRides - United Kingdom.
    Macaco - United States.
    SuperU - United Kingdom.
    Washington - Sweden.

    Possably on board:

    Phalanx - United Kingdom.
    Wafflynumber - United Kingdom.

    So if you find yourself interested please let me know here, and finally a thanks to StrangLove for suggesting I post this.

    Regards Hawk.
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