Hello all, this is a continuation of the old Data Smuggling thread, found here. Thanks, Wulf.

Due to the internet having oceans (apparently), many games are very expensive in certain regions, or possibly not available at all. This thread is a service to get around that. So, if you see a game that's much cheaper in another region and you want it, post in this thread, and we will try to arrange that you get it.

In general, the process goes like this:
  1. See cheap/unavailable game
  2. Find a smuggler who seems trustworthy
  3. Swap details via PM
  4. Pay in advance via Paypal or trade (risk lies with the buyer, usually)
  5. Get game for cheaps

Required info usually includes the desired game, current pricing, service you want it from (Steam, D2D, GamersGate, etc), paypal info, email addresses, etc. Any needed info will depend on who you're dealing with/what service you're buying from.

Assuming that I have perma-edit capabilities on these shiny new forums, I'm going to keep a list of smugglers on the second post, sorted by region.