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    CivIV - Fall from Heaven 2 PBEM

    Ok, I fancy trying an experiment to see if we can get a game of Fall from Heaven 2 going. It will probably take an age to complete, and as it's a mod, we may well run into sync issues, etc, but hey, I fancy trying :)

    Would be looking for a steady couple of turns a week. Hopefully more at the start of the game when not much is happening. And aim to "role play" a bit more, rather than aim for gamey victory. Some elements are unbalanced by design, so this is probably a good approach.

    Leave your name below if you're interested.

    I'm thinking of using the FfH2 - better navel AI mod. Mainly as that's the one I've used in single player. And I think FfH2 is big enough without adding even MORE content (like some of the other modmods). I'm open to suggestions though!

    Current lineup:

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