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    F2 2-7-0 released, a Mission Framework for ArmA 2

    Quoting from the official release thread.

    Within the next week, we'll release a few mission stubs over at the FA forums! For mission making details, head there.


    New Release: F2 v2-7-0 (for Combined Operations)


    1. New Folk ARPS build supports all major ArmA2 and Operation Arrowhead factions.

    2. Enable ACRE support with a mission parameter.

    3. Join groups on-the-fly, place trip flares in-mission and more ...

    From the ReadMe.txt file:
    2-7-0 | 15 DEC 2012
    Moved development to GitHub (see:
    Changed OA Folk build to CO Folk ARPS build.
    Updated CO Folk ARPS Platoons (USMC, CDF, NAPA, Russian Army, ChDKZ).
    Updated CO Folk ARPS Group IDs component.
    Updated CO Folk ARPS Markers component.
    Updated CO Folk ARPS Assign Gear Script component (supports new factions, backpacks default to ON, vehicle cargo presets for trucks and IFVs).
    Added CO Folk ARPS Assign Gear Script component alternative files for: US Army, ACR.
    Changed OA Briefing component to CO Briefing Template component (now supports ArmA2 factions).
    Updated Casualties Cap component (commented-out lines for all platoons added).
    Added ORBAT Notes component.
    Added ACRE support component.
    Added Join Group Action component.
    Extended Trip Flare component (now also placeable in-game).
    Removed Norrin's Revive Respawn component.
    About F2

    The F2 Mission Development Framework (F2) is the successor to the popular BAS f mission development framework for ArmA (discussed in this thread). The new framework contains many of the features you know from BAS f, updated to work with ArmA2 and ArmA2:OA, plus some new components which take advantage of the new game's special features.

    For downloads and to find out more please see our online manual:

    Huge thanks to current contributors: Harakka, Wolfenswan, DarkTatka, Black Mamba, Head and Mike and to all at Folk ARPS.
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    The first two (so far)stubs are live, more will probably follow! If you always wanted to try out editing this might be the time! Both include a PDF illustrating and explaing the code i've used in the editor in greater detail.

    For details go here:

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