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    RPS BloodBowl Webapp

    I made a web application to see the stuff that's relevant to each player in the DoD for the advents calendar. It's still quite rough and limited, but if you give it a try and let me know what it needs it might grow over time.

    Right now, it's hosted here:
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    From the calendar thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by President Weasel View Post
    There's a script to run, which google docs is asking me to authorise - also it tells me your real name, or at least the convincingly Swedish-sounding name you used for your gmail address. Are you cool with people knowing that?

    Oh hey, I like this! It's a score-keeping app thing!
    Thanks and sorry about having to authorise it. There's no malicious intent I assure you, and I'll share the code if anyone wants it. It's using your own account to store your choice in the dropdown and to read/write to the spreadsheet. The alternative would be to do it all under my own account, but I don't know if I could have saved the setting for each visitor then.

    And, yeah, I guess I don't mind people knowing my name all that much, but would prefer not having it reposted.

    Quote Originally Posted by Screwie View Post
    Very nice Jolima!

    (Although, I think the column headings are the wrong way round - it's labelled W/L/D when the values in the columns are in the order of W/D/L...)
    Thanks. I'll put up a new version later. I think the URL might change when I do though. I tried putting it up on to give it a better url, but I couln't get it to load from there.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jiiiiim View Post
    The thing I always wanted to see was an all-time table for the divisions. I mean I could do it by hand, but god effort.
    It should be doable to pull the win/draw/loss records from all of the historical sheets and sum them up by coach/team/race. Is that what you're talking about? I'll give it a go later on.

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    That's what I mean, aye. Would nice to see how closely RPS stats match the general accepted ones.

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    Well done Jolima! This was close to what I was planning for my advent-o-day. Might rejigger or might not.
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    just gave it a go, it seems pretty awesome! thanks for putting the time in to make it! I've got my first game in the league tomorrow so will put the results in etc and check out how it performs.



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