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    NC medic sharing my experience!

    As far as ive gone in planetside ive specced alot into my combat medic and made my own little set up making it not just a good medic when it comes to close combat, but also an effective medium to long range combat machine!
    ill be going through what i did to my medic class and what weapons etc i used to make myself an effective tool in the fight for freedom!

    well the first thing i did was to upgrade my medic gun to atleast the 50 cert mark which gives a boost to the resurrection time making it quicker to rez people and also gives back 50% health to infantry and i think 25% to max's so you can zip about bring folk back to life and not have to worry about staying around long enough to get shot at.

    next thing i did was to upgrade the self healing thingy 3 bar but will be upgrading it more which is a good way to heal those around you on mass such like the healing grenade my opinion is its a cheaper option as it does the same thing just instead of throwing a grenade which will most likely bounce and hit you back in the face you can just glow green and heal everyone around you, the upgrades are to make the area of effect larger.

    so with those two combined you can run around a combat zone healing everyone around you while you concentrate on the dead folk or the living impared as political correctness goes.

    as for weapons! dun dun dun! the medics rifles excel in medium to long ranged combat there are mods and shotguns to refine yourself into close combat but for my liking i chose a compromise as i like the long rangedness.

    with this said i started with the starting rifle which has a full auto and single fire select fire-modes which are handy i chose 3.4x red dot scope which is good for getting those long shots off without having to strain the peepers so much this with the single shot mode i found excellent for taking supressing fire at enemys and getting head shots from weary travelers lost on the open path. then i chose the forward grip just to help steady the aim and help when your running around a corner and a purple elf suprises you.

    after watching a video about the gr-22 ( it opened my eyes to the other rifles and in which i found my gause rifle s the variant of the starting rifle which can be fully upgraded and has all three fire modes, again with the 3.4x scope is an effective tool at range and then i upgraded the gun itself with high velocity ammo which turned it into a semi auto sniper as the ammo made bullet drop nearly immpossible but it did up the recoil so id say use it if your going on stealthy missions where you know youll not be getting up close and use single shot or burst so that you can control the beast! after the ammo i saved up and after a lengthy discussion with myself i bought the underslung grenade launcher for you know... grenading people? this is effective for close combat as for some reason your grenades dont harm you? but one shot will make a smear of whoever was infront of you, also this little stinker is able to damage vehicles and half healthing fighter jets (yes i hit one with the jammiest shot) and its effective at scaring away the enemy because who wants to charge at someone with a cannon under their rifle?, at last i bought the soft point ammo because the high velocity is good but the recoil is a problem if you havnt got anything to compensate this it made the rifle only good at sniping. So i caved and got the soft point which adds more wounding capability and has next to no recoil but does lose the damageing at long range but i recommed soft point as it does the same damage as regular at long range anyway but up close youll end up killing before they know whats shooting them!

    so yeah i hope you read this and enjoy it! if you learn anything then its a ruddy miracle! as for future upgrades! i quiet fancy the underslung shotgun to! and a supressor for those waffly missions where we sneak about!

    have some laughs with the nc outfit! and maybe ill see you in game! and proberly kill you with a bad grenade throw!
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    Thanks for this info Van im building up my medic for NC and this has been some nice and helpful info

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    I do recommend the GR-22 (if you have the certs or the SC), it tears up face in CQB with SP ammo, and as a Medic I think that's mostly what you'll want.

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    What scope do you put on the GR-22, does it have the range for a 4x ?

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    Great advice. I have 1k certs sitting around and I've been playing medic a lot more recently (now I'm pushing for auraxium on the Blitz, I want to support the squad more whilst doing so, which wasn't as practical with the GD-7F). So aside from the weapon advice, cos the Blitz is shit past short-medium, I'll be following your advice. More triage, more medigun, and I think on top of that a jesus grenade.
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    Honestly, get the med tool maxed out as soon as you can. Very fast, big range, people come back to full hp straight away. The difference between max and level 4 is huge.

    Also, upgrading your healing aura is pretty cheap, and it offers a lot of utility both as a medic and for self-sustain.

    Nano weave is probably the suit slot of choice for medic too, although people will argue that.

    Can't comment on NC guns.

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    Gr-22 is a really pure close quarter to med range max due to damage dropoff by 2 levels down to 112 instead of 125 like Carnage BR, so anything higher than 2x is overkill.
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    Carnage BR is best (non-VS) weapon in the game.
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