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    Quote Originally Posted by Vexing Vision View Post
    The manual is horrible at explaining things as only a thing written in Chinese and translated by a Kisuhali-only-speaking Dutch who never played a game in his entire life into English can be.

    You want to attack critters with critters from the opposing element - the whole thing is about placing your troops and covering every possible enemy move, very much like chess.
    I find that what happens is that I try to keep my main dude back, but enemies make a beeline for them, kill them in two hits and the entire stage is lost. All this time me and my opponent are both summoning things and making the battle take even longer. From the looks of it I don't have a unit to take advantage of all the types.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Berzee View Post
    I have been meaning to play Les Miserables!
    I hope you like it :) Like I said, it was my first game (and the next two were even more experimental) and the latest one is a bit more polished.
    Quote Originally Posted by Berzee View Post
    I am especially interested in it because I like to see how people turn "non-gamey" material into games.
    That was a big reason why I chose that as my first game. I chose the hardest book I could find, to see if it was possible. Some of the challenges were:
    1. In the book you don't see the main character till many chapters in
    2. The book covers many years, with flashbacks to even earlier
    3. The main characters is not sympathetic and his motivation is not simple
    4. Several characters do things that the player would not do - I had to abridge the lengthy Fantine section because anyone who knows the story would spend their time stopping her!
    5. There are lengthy asides in the book (e.g. about sewers and slang)
    6. Some of the conflicts don't make as much sense to modern readers (e.g. some of the last chapters)
    7. There is no obvious Hollywood ending
    I also experimented with some features that made designing and coding it a real headache and I dropped them over the next four games (jumping between games, clues in heaven, allowing any character to think of any other character), etc.
    But all in all I'm pleased with the result. :)
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    Why not post your own games?!? We can turn this into some kind of bastard child of a showroom for indie devs. It's a great place to get exposure AND critical feedback.

    PS keep your games free and you'll get more of both. Haha jk. Seriously though.

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    Just found this:
    100 (not quite but expanding) Freewaregames., with Screenshots & quick descriptions.

    Iji's on that list too, it's a great platform game.
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